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OS Giken Clutches

Image of os giken clutchesThrough our research and development of high performance engines, we realized the need for the production of higher quality, more durable clutch systems to meet the rigorous demands of race and sport driving. Our OS multi-plate clutch is able to transmit engine revolutions and output to the drive train without loss. They are made of the highest quality materials and their durability is second to none. Our continual research and development has brought about many improvements since our multi-plate clutch line's original debut in 1983 and we are confident that our clutches can meet the demands of even the most heavily modified vehicles.

Distinctive Features of the OS Clutch:

In spite of its decreased diameter, our clutch allows for extremely efficient power transfer and improved engine response. Our redesigned leverage mechanism of the diaphragm spring on the center cover results in higher pressure of the clutch disk while reducing pedal effort. In addition, ventilation holes are designed to reduce heat generated inside the clutch system and allows for the friction plate dust to exit outside the clutch system, thus increasing reliability and safety. All OS Giken clutches include a corresponding performance flywheel to ensure maximum performance and unlock your vehicle’s potential. 


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Os Super Lock LSD

Image of os super lock lsdOS Giken utilized its accumulated racing knowledge and engineering experience to develop its own limited slip differential. Four years of extensive research and development lead to a new and revolutionary LSD design with the capacity to house an unprecedented number of friction plates (up to 28 plates in total) and thus the OS Super Lock LSD was born. The increased number of plates directly has not only dramatically improved our LSD design's locking force and enables it to lock fully and completely. An added benefit to being a fully locking mechanism is that less heat is generated, thus resulting in incredible durability and reliability.

As expected from OS Giken, our LSDs are not only made from the highest quality materials, our precise machining, forged gears, and sound engineering makes our LSDs the most durable and reliable race performance LSDs available.

In addition, our design allows for the initial torque setting and lock timing to be customized to best fit you vehicle's ever changing set-up and course/road conditions. (Limited to Spec-X LSDs only)

Please consult your nearest OS Giken Authorized Dealer to learn more.


Os Close Ratio Gear Kits

Image of close ratio gear kit

Our OS Close Ratio Gear Kits are produced for those seeking improved drive train performance and faster lap times. Our gear ratios are carefully calculated for each application for the sole intention to improve your transmission's performance, and thus allow your engine to properly apply power when it counts.

Each OS gear has been carefully designed and created using selected only forged quality materials, for extra strength and durability. In addition to using forged materials, our gears are also undergo hard shot peening to further strengthen them and increase their load capacity and long term reliability.

We have use the highest quality production methods to satisfy even our most discriminating customers who demand nothing less than the very best.


Os Special Parts

Image of special part

With more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing parts for race and high horsepower applications, OS Giken understands that the creation of a race car often extends beyond the normal limitations of "off the shelf" parts. Utilizing our accumulated knowledge and racing experience, we have engineered and produced a wide arrange of custom, limited production performance parts for various applications. Over the years, some of these limited production parts have grown in popularity and have progressed their way up into our product line-up.

For those with special limited production requests or questions regarding specialty parts, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Below are some examples of the special parts that have become popular enough to make it into our regular product line up: