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TS2AD, TS2B, TS2CD and TS3CW are our new OS Racing Clutch series and their friction plates are made of heat treated metal. These materials are carefully selected and alloyed so that the plates match with the materials of the flywheel and center plate to improve durability and maximize performance.

The TS2A and the TS2B are our longest selling models and have established a bulletproof reputation for performance and durability on the racetrack time and again.

The R series are revised versions s of the TS2AS and TS2BD. They are specifically designed for large single turbo charged engines found in many of today's racing cars.

OS Multi-Plate Clutch Reference Chart and Example
Example of OS Giken Multi-Plate Clutch Part Number: Item Description Reference
1 Type of clutch cover
TS - Pressed steel cover
TR - Billet aluminum
R - Billet aluminum for center hub
STR - Billet Aluminum
2 Number of Plates
1 - Single Plate
2 - Twin Plate
3 - Triple Plate
4 - Quadruple Plate
3 Diameter of Plates
A - 184mm
B - 204mm
C - 215mm
4 Remarks
D - Spring Damper
W - Heavier Fly Wheel
S - Single type diaphragm spring

 Product Specifications:

nissan toyota mazda mitsubishi subaru honda lamborghini