OS-88 Six Speed Sequential Transmission for RB26DETT


OS-88 Six Speed Sequential Transmission for RB26DETTWe have designed this sequential transmission to specifically fit the engine characteristics of Nissan's RB26DETT engine to allow it to perform to its maximum potential. To withstand the incredible punishment a race tuned RB26DETT is capable of delivering to the drive train, we have used carefully selected forged and reinforced materials. By optimizing gear size and settings, we have increased the gear axis distance to 88mm, resulting in a 6-speed sequential transmission capable of withstanding up to 1500 horsepower. In addition, our original dog linked mechanism enables accurate shift changes, as well as providing a positive shift feel. Each unit is hand made and thoroughly examined to our exacting standards prior to shipment to ensure the highest quality.

Torque Capacity: 120kgs

Gear Type (Helical/Straight): Helical

Engagement Type (Synchro/Dog): Dog

 Gear Ratios:








Option1 2.609 1.934 1.521 1.210 1.000 0.785
Option2 2.890 1.981 1.468 1.174 1.000 0.757
Option3 2.516 1.865 1.468 1.174 1.000 0.822

Optional Parts:

Release Bearing Set
Adjustable Fork Kit
OS-88 Exclusive Transmission Member (Enables an additional 40mm of road clearance)